Hi! My name is Stacey and I’m a UK blogger from the small country of Scotland! Welcome to my lifestyle, beauty and fashion blog.

I’ve decided to start up this brand new blog,¬†Tartan Tulip,¬†given that university caused me to have an unintended sabbatical from my last one and I decided that now I’ve graduated (eeek!) this would be the ideal time for a fresh start. Why Tartan Tulip? Well, I felt it was about time to acknowledge the Scottish heritage that I’m super proud of – not to mention that I just love tulips.

This is my wee place for posting about the latest beauty products I’ve tried, the clothes and accessories that I’m just dying to buy and then some updates on anything that’s happening in my life, really! From time to time, I might also post about things that are a little closer to home – places I’ve traveled or restaurants I’ve visited to do a review on them. Even less occasionally, you might even see a few opinion pieces if I feel the need for a rant or a ramble on a particular subject!

I hope that you find something that you like on my little blog and that you keep visiting in future! I’m over on Blog Lovin’ too if you fancy giving me a wee follow and getting regular updates on my posts.

Thanks for reading my little blurb about me and thank you once again for having a peek around!

Stacey x