Lifestyle | Review | Lanson Rosé 1760 Champagne @ Graduation

Last month, I had the amazing experience of graduating from university with a 2:1 in LLB Law! I was super nervous for it (because there’s so much to worry about!) but had the best day ever – I wish I could do it all over again! I was surrounded by the best people in my life (family, friends and my boyfriend) and we all celebrated some very hard work and many the many breakdowns it’s caused me in the past four years.

Beforehand, my family were definitely more excited than I was. I was worrying and fussing over absolutely everything – my outfit, my makeup, my hair, falling over on stage, tripping up, where to go, what to do … the list was endless. But anyway, my mum was so excited that she decided to buy a bottle of champagne to bring along to celebrate at the reception after the ceremony.

Now, this is a fairly big deal for my family. I’m the eldest sibling and the first person in my immediate family to ever go to university, nevermind graduate from it! We don’t go out for fancy dinners and we definitely don’t buy champagne … but this was a special occasion and my mum wanted to splash out a bit with this wonderful (yet still affordable!) bottle of champagne.

Honestly, I felt a bit guilty when she came home from Tesco with it – that she’d spent money on something that I didn’t see as a massive achievement and, quite honestly, at that time, didn’t even want to do because I was so nervous! But she told me that it had been on offer and was only £30 so that made me feel a bit better.

When I finally graduated, I was relieved. It was nowhere near as stressful as I thought it would be and I definitely couldn’t wait to get some photographs taken with my friends and family before opening the champagne! The reception was held in one of the nicer university buildings that had a gorgeous garden area surrounding it – perfect for taking photographs! So once all that was out of the way, my mum pulled out this bottle of champagne with very classy plastic cups. And it was beautiful.

I didn’t even know you could get rosé champagne – but I would recommend it a million times over! It was so light and fizzy with loads of fruity/berry tones. There was loads in the bottle as well – all five of us had a couple of glasses each which was fabulous. I’m not sure exactly what percentage it was, but I think it was around 12% which, for me, was more than enough! I’m notorious for being an absolute lightweight so by the time I’d had a couple of glasses (and not very much to eat all day), I was feeling amazing and practically flying back to hand in my gown! That might just be me though, who knows.

All in all, I’d fully recommend it to anyone who fancies splashing out a little bit – but on a budget. After all, if you can get a beautiful bottle of rosé champagne for £30, why spend more? And if it’s a special occasion – treat yo’ self!

Stacey x


Travel | Premier Inn Hub – Edinburgh Royal Mile

As a student, I’ve found it hard to save up enough money to go on holiday with my other half; this year has been especially difficult since I am due to pay nearly £7,000 in tuition fees alone for my postgraduate study in the coming months. So instead of saving for a couple of weeks away on a beach in Spain, I’ve been putting every last penny I can spare into a savings fund for my future which is, quite frankly, incredibly boring and adult – i.e. no fun at all.

Understandably, I was pretty gutted about this as it’s been a few years since I’ve went abroad anywhere and life is just so much better on holiday with a tan, so my boyfriend and I decided to take a last-minute trip to Edinburgh. As we only live around an hour from there, it was an ideal location – away from our usual hunting grounds with the opportunity to relax and be proper tourists. Now, usually Edinburgh is fairly expensive – after all, it’s Scotland’s capital – but for a bargain hunter like me? Easy peasy.
After many searches on Trip Advisor, I came across the Premier Inn Hub. This is basically a more compact version of a standard Premier Inn room – and a lot cheaper! Yes, it has a bed and yes, it has a bathroom and yes, it is right in the heart of the city. What more could a girl want? The room itself was pretty small but it had everything you want want – a smart TV with some free movies (hello, Bridget Jones), a comfy bed, a bathroom with a fabulous shower and storage space under the bed and behind the floor-length mirror. Check, check, check and check!

20160606_143217_HDRWe did end up with an accessible room because it was the only room available when we arrived so, in fairness, our room would have been slightly larger than the average but from having a peek in the other rooms while they were being cleaned, I would have still been pretty happy in one of them. Every room also comes with a customized map of the city, as you can probably see from the photograph above, which just added such a modern touch to the room. A final perk would be that everything from check-in to check-out is controlled by technology, including the lights and temperature of the room – ideal for my tech-obsessed boyfriend!

Since the rooms are compact there was no room for a kettle, however the hotel compensated for this by having facilities in their deli for all guests to help themselves to free unlimited tea and coffee. For me, I found this 20160606_200906_HDRfar better than having a kettle in the room because there was far more selection in 20160606_205138_HDRterms of teas and sugars in the deli than the average hotel would ever provide in the room – and there was more of it! We definitely made use of the deli while we were there because it was surprisingly reasonably priced for a hotel in the city centre and it was tasty too! I’d highly recommend the bacon sandwiches and millionaires shortbread – after all, what could be better than snuggling up in bed with chocolate, tea, bacon and Bridget Jones? And for all of you that aren’t scaredy cat’s like me, there was a good selection of horror films too!

All in all, we had a great trip and we’re already planning to go back! It was the ideal place to chill, see the city and it only cost a grand total of £240 for four nights (Monday-Friday). To put that figure into perspective – the other hotels we were looking at in Edinburgh cost upwards of around £100 per night so we definitely got a great deal.

Oh, and Edinburgh is a great place. It might be filled with tourist attractions and stereotypes of Scotland but it’s fun and if you look past that, it’s quite simply beautiful. Perfect for a mid-summer city break – so 1…2…3…go!

Stacey x