Beauty | Trésor in Love by Lancome

I love perfume. It’s an addiction and I just can’t get enough of it – there’s no such thing as too many bottles of perfume! So, naturally, whenever my birthday or Christmas comes around, everyone who knows me well enough always gets me at least one bottle of perfume. Right now, I have 11 full-sized bottles and 6 miniature bottles and I feel like I could really do with some more …

Anyway, I recently received a new bottle of perfume as a gift for my birthday and I’ve fallen completely in love with it. It’s definitely a contender for my all-time favourite. And as you will have seen from the title of this blog post, it’s called Trésor in Love by Lancome.

I’ve never really bought anything from Lancome – not that I can remember anyway. To me, it always seemed like the kind of beauty store that my mum would shop in, but more recently I’ve noticed that they’re shifting their focus slightly to appeal to younger consumers, which is great. So I wouldn’t have chosen this perfume for myself, but that’s the best part of getting gifts, right?

The scent of this perfume is perfect for summer. It’s really light, fruity and floral, making it incredibly feminine. Lancome market it as youthful, modern and flirty and I can definitely agree with this – except from the flirty part … purely because I’m always left confused at how a perfume can be “flirty” or “sexy” and I hate how over-sexualised perfume adverts and marketing is. But that’s enough of that rant.

The final aspect of this perfume that I love is the bottle. The design is very simple, yet elegant and it comes with a cute little bow in the shape of a rose around the neck of the bottle. I do have the smallest bottle, at only 30ml but for me, this just makes the bottle cuter.

I’ve already used around one quarter of the bottle and I would definitely buy more of it. But for now, I think I’ll be reserving this for fancy restaurants and special occasions.

Stacey x

Fashion | Olivia Burton’s Wonderland Watch

For my last birthday,  my boyfriend asked me what I would like – and I had absolutely no idea! I have loads of makeup and didn’t want to buy any clothes until I’d lost more weight so I was left at a bit of a loose end; there was nothing that I wanted or needed. Until I realised that I didn’t have a watch …

It came to me when I was walking home from work and it was pouring it down outside – but I was running late for the train and needed to know the time! I obviously pulled out my phone to see what time it was, which then got wet and resulted in the screen being smudged with watermarks. It occurred to me that it would have just been much easier to look at a watch, especially for when my phone is hidden away in my bag instead of in my pocket. So, naturally, I placed a few hints and said I’d like a watch for my birthday.

Now usually I love being surprised with presents, rather than choosing my own, but unfortunately my boyfriend is colourblind and neither of us wanted to risk him picking out the style or colour of a watch. So, I started hunting online and, the more I looked, the fussier I became. I wanted a nice pastel colour, a good sized face, some roman numerals and a leather strap. And that’s how I came across Olivia Burton!

After browsing some more, I came to the conclusion that Olivia Burton is just a fabulous designer. I ended up having three different watches (all designed by her) that I couldn’t decide on and finally opted for the Wonderland one with a pastel coloured lilac leather strap. And I was far from disappointed when it came!

My boyfriend had opted for the giftwrapping option which was definitely a good idea since he is worse at wrapping presents than I am! The giftwrap was a simple cream box with some light illustrations of birds and woodlands – which, unfortunately, I forgot to take a photograph of. The actual box that the watch was in is just as pretty, however, with a simple brand name and logo and, of course, of very high quality.

And as for the watch itself? I’ve yet to find any fault with it! The leather strap is incredibly soft and lovely to feel against your skin, which is great, and the design of the watch was exactly what I was looking for. The rose gold face keeps it modern against the roman numerals in place of the 6 and 12 with a soft touch through the pastel strap.

I’d definitely buy this watch again – or maybe just go and buy the other two that I loved … when I win some money, though!

Stacey x